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WestPoint Pharmaceutical Technology Group

In order to meet the needs of the comprehensive upgrading and development of Chinese pharmaceutical companies, we provide GMP/EPCM consultation, product R&D service and high-quality pharmaceutical excipients. ?We can help domestic enterprises to implement global standard GMP, design and construct modern high-tech manufacture facility and establish quality management system. All these efforts will help domestic pharmaceutical companies to comprehensively upgrade technology and management skill and merge with global market.

WestPoint Pharmaceutical Technology Group consists of a holding company and five subsidiaries:
  • Dongguan Authentic Pharmatech. Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou WestPoint Pharmatech. Co., Ltd.
  • Dongguan WestPoint Pharmatech. Co., Ltd.
  • Guangdong Frame Pharmaceutical Accessories Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu WestPoint Pharmaceutical Excipients Co., Ltd.
  • Nanjing WestPoint Pharmatech. Co., Ltd.

Three major businesses:

Modern Pharmaceuticals:

Relying?on its experiences and management of global?GMP standard, world class?drug research and development system?and pharmaceutical excipient?development and production system, WestPoint Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Group uses these three major strong foundations?to serve?pharmaceutical industry. After publication of?MAH regulations?in China, we?take?the advantage of the situation to establish a modern?group company?with a new system?focused on?research and development. This pharmaceutical enterprise (MAH) will be?the new business model within pharmaceutical industry and to create a bright future for the drug company.


To serve the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and to promote the development of pharmaceutical technology within Chinese companies in line with international standards and to build up the long-term development power.


1. Help pharmaceutical companies?to meet?GMP requirements?from?China, EU, US and?WHO, etc.; furthermore, to achieve higher operational?efficiency, economic benefits,?and brighter future?development;
2. Provide complete services for generic drug R&D?in line with global?standards (ICH)。 Following the principle of QbD, we will help companies to develop generic drug which will meet?the global?standard?and is qualified to?register in China, EU, US?and other regions;
3. Provide high-quality pharmaceutical excipients?to meet the requirements of “generic drug consistency evaluation”?and to ensure the higher drug manufacturing technology and?higher drug product quality, as well as?promote the development of drug formulation?technology.